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Creek Staffing is an award winning staffing agency that has been able to place 93% of clients

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How Creek Staffing Works

Creek Staffing reverses the traditional staffing model. We work for the candidate exclusively and work for the best offer possible. With Creek Staffing, everything becomes simple and transparent. We take a flat fee, guarantee offers within 30 days, and our candidates leave with a smile.

Step 1) Candidate

We first focus on our candidates. We ask them a variety of questions to learn exactly what their goals and requirements are.



Step 2) Position

We then connect with companies that we have an existing partnerships with. We also reach out to a variety of new companies that we feel will fit our candidate well.


Step 3) Job Secured

Within 30 days, you can expect to receive 5-10 job offers from a variety of firms that match your skill level, location, and interests.

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